Sunday, March 9, 2008

Christofferson Connection, Misc stuff

Hey all I've just recently started working on my uncle Eric Christofferson's genealogy. So far I found a few lines going back pretty far to the Colonial South and then to Switzerland its pretty interesting :)

Also I contacted the Oak Creek Historical Society through a letter sent last week, asking them about a cemetery in Oak Creek, St. James, which is supposed to have my Steffen ancestors in it. I received an email yesterday from a woman at the historical society who had a list of Steffens buried in that church and also a list of Ranguth/Rauguths who are apparently buried at St. Louis Cemetery in Caledonia. I was there last year looking for Emmerichs!! Now I'll be going back in the spring to look for my Ranguth/Rauguth ancestors. Its pretty interesting that they were members of the same parish. I contacted Carol, who is a secretary at St. Louis, in order to see if she can find any records for me. She found a lot of information for me when I was researching the Emmerichs.

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