Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shepherd, Mayville, Annen Quick update


I realized I hadn't updated this for a while so I wanted to add a little quick note.

I recently obtained a copy of Peter Annen's (b. 1848) naturalization records. The document provides some really interesting information, such as that he arrived with his family arrived on the ship Columbia which sailed to Quebec in July of 1857. From there they entered the U.S. in Detroit and came to Wisconsin. It lists his wife and children's information, also, so it's a pretty good document.

Additionally I have been talking recently to several researchers from the Shepherd family (Greeley connection) and have been getting a little more information about those branches than I previously had.

I've also recently been talking to a Mayville who lived here in Wisconsin for some time, his family was from Michigan where they had emigrated from Quebec. I was glad to meet him because I have always wondered how my Wisconsin line of Mayvilles was related to the Michigan line. I will hopefully be finding out a little more about that line, especially with the help of Carroll.

I'm still trying to get ahold of Edmund Mayville Jr.'s obituary from California. A lady on has been supposed to get me a copy since June and still have not done so, which is quite frustrating due to lack of options. I am highly curious as to if he had a family out there. There has been someone from California visiting this page as well as my family photo site, looking at the Mayville stuff and I really wonder if they are related, because that would be fantastic. If you see this, could you please email me? I know the Mayvilles generally don't like to talk about the family, but I would be glad to meet you!

Well I haven't much else to say right now. Hopefully I will have some more time to work on genealogy when winter break rolls around!