Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mayville/ Miville Continued

Carroll has helped us find the links between our John Mayville and the immigrant ancestor Pierre Miville. John, or Jean, 's father was Jean, son of Charles, son of Charles, son of Jacques, son of Pierre.

Pierre and Jacques have very interesting stories, just search for them on google and there are myriad sites, especially about Pierre. Pierre was solid Swiss, but the name Miville apparently has Roman origins. I would imagine so does the family itself.

I have been looking into some of these things alongside what Carroll has sent me. As I mentioned before, Pierre was Captain of Richelieu's Guards. He did in fact have to flee, it appears, when Richelieu and King Louis XIII (both benefactors of Pierre) died within half a year of each other.

Also as I mentioned, Jacques, son of Pierre, married a Filles du Roi. Catherine de Baillion was from a family of minor nobles and as the link I provided before said, Catherine is a descendent of Charlemagne, and therefore so am I. This has been a possibility for me for several years, as I followed one line back through the Leonards of England towards Charlemagne, but that proved to be rather faulty and I gave up on finding direct evidence. With Catherine, however, it appears that many prominent French genealogists have proven with primary documents that she is a descendant of Charlemagne.

One of my Charles Miville ancestors was apparently involved at least to a slight degree in some fur trading, which I find interesting. There are a lot of other various bits of information that I have been exploring, so I am excited to find out more.

I am overall very excited just for the fact that we finally have made the connection to our ancestors. I'm supposing, still, that whatever caused John Mayville to leave Canada must have been something wretched because I still feel like he was trying to cover up something. I still don't even want to rule out the Native American card, either. Especially since there does not seem to be much online at all about Jean/John Mayville's parents, Jean Minville and Marie-Veronique Richard.

So, of course that leaves a lot more to be investigated. I need to contact Odette Ladd to see what she says and dig out a couple of my Huycke correspondents also to let them know the big news. and Ned Braatz. I can't forget him. He will be very happy as well. Hopefully I will have time to do that at work tomorrow.

I also now, need to work on figuring out the Michigan Mayvilles. They must be closely related because that name variant is not so very common, or so it seems. Maybe Carroll can tell me a bit more. I'll have to see if I can contact one of them and get them to do the DNA testing or something just so we can see how close the match might be.

Its a shame school is interfering with the amount of time I want to be able to dedicate to this stuff rather than to pointless things like Chemistry... Yuck.

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