Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yesterday's additions

First post! Haha. Well, yesterday I added to my genealogy the death of a distant cousin, Raymond K. Zach. Apparently he is a Diebold descendent, as I am. My grandmother told me of his obituary in the Wisconsin State Journal (11/26/07) and his relation to us.

Its unfortunate that I cannot get her to write down all of the knowledge she has, despite my attempts. She always says she is busy for some reason, when she never really has anything to do... she just makes stuff for her to do. But I think it is very important that she impart all of this knowledge.

As far as other stuff I've worked on this week, I've been looking ever closer at the Mayville line and trying to track down all traces of any Mayvilles in any records in Wisconsin. I went through censuses and found new BMD files at the Wisconsin Historical Society on a branch in Marinette, Wisconsin, about 100 years ago. They were two brothers, Jean Baptiste and Edward Mayville, born in Quebec, married to sisters of the last name of Asselin.

It must be that these Mayvilles are related to some degree, although their emigration to Wisconsin comes about 60 years after my line came here.

Also in the records I looked up the marriage record of Minerva Mayville and Lewis Dodge. I am trying to figure out who Lewis was, and why he married both Lucy and Minerva- as well as why those two seem to have died within years of marrying Lewis. I have so far been unsuccessful, but found that Lewis's parents were Abel and Betsey; however, the Abel is not certain as the name was quite difficult for me to discern, besides that it began with an "A."

I received an email from Sue Newman today, or, rather, she and her husband. She has been unwell and therefore unable to reply to me; she is a Mayville researcher and said a while ago that she has some information that I would be interested in. I do hope that she is healthy soon!

In that respect, a few weeks ago I sent a letter to Odette Ladd's aunt concerning a Mayville family bible which she may have in her possession, and which may unlock some important secrets in the Mayville line.

Besides that I haven't done much recently- except that a few weeks ago I finally discovered Adeliza Fuller's line, which as I suspected leads us back to the Mayflower. Her heritage had evaded me for a while on account of her unusual name; her family is very interesting in that her brothers all have names beginning with "E" and her sisters have "A" names.

The search continues for more on the Walter line.

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