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Walsh family from Galway?

In addition to my recent search for my Hurst ancestors from County Mayo, I've also been on the hunt for my Walsh ancestors; another brick wall of mine.

My ancestor Mary Ann Walsh was supposedly born 24 Oct 1848 in "Galway," Ireland. I've never known if this meant the county or the city. Her parents were John (1811-1878) and Bridget (Feb 1809-12 April 1895). I have not been able to find anything about these guys, including Bridget's maiden name. We have a picture of Bridget and I have copies of her probate file, but I haven't found anything useful from them. According to a cousin via Mary Ann's sister Bridget (Walsh) Busby, Bridget's maiden name was also Walsh but she supposedly wasn't related in any way to her husband John Walsh. According to this same source, Bridget killed an English soldier who was burning her father's hands because he wouldn't tell the soldier where his "pots of gold" were (this is directly from her letter). Because of this, Bridget had to flee and the letter continues, stating that Mary Ann was born at sea rather than born in Ireland. I've never heard this story before and neither had my grandma, so we are both really curious as to the veracity of the story. I have no idea how to prove it, though. I've always been told that the Walshes immigrated when Mary Ann was six months old, but I've never found a ship manifest for them, yet.

I thought I'd look on for her and did not have any luck finding either Mary Ann nor her parents. I searched for any children born to parents named John Walsh and Bridget (no maiden name specified). I found a lot of them in Co. Galway, and also expanded my search to Co. Mayo, just in case. Nothing I found matches what I know about the make up of my Walsh family.

I've assumed that John and Bridget, based on their ages, were likely married in the early 1830s. If that's the case my information is very lacking on their children, as I only have four confirmed children, those being:
1) Thomas Welch b. ~1840 in Ireland; married Hannah O'Malley in Wisconsin; d. 17 Nov 1880.
2) Judy Walsh b ~1845 in Ireland; appears only on the 1860 census and listed as "deaf & dumb." I've never found anything else about her.
3) Mary Ann Walsh b. 24 Oct 1848 in Ireland? married James Hurst; d. 24 Dec 1925
4) Anna Rachel Walsh b. 29 Sep 1850 Dane Co., WI; married Thomas F. Ryan; d. 20 Mar 1932
5) Bridget Walsh b. 10 Dec 1854 Dane Co., WI; married William A. Busby; d. 23 Jun 1932

I didn't find any records matching this family profile for the children b. in Ireland; but it could just be that there are no records online yet for the parish they were born in. I thought I would post what I did find in case it becomes relevant later:

CO. Galway
Children of John Walsh and Bridget Kenny of Sorreltown (Parish Dunmore, Co. Galway)
-Martin Walsh bap. 16 Nov 1836
Sponsor(s): Martin Glynn & Mary Duane

-Mary Walsh bap. 30 Sep 1838
Sponsor(s): Michael Scarry & Mary Burke

-Michael Walsh bap. 20 Sep 1841
Sponsor(s): Thomas and Margaret Glennon

-Thomas Walsh bap. 20 Dec 1844
Sponsor(s): Mary Kenny

-Bridget Walsh bap. 12 Jan 1846
Sponsor(s): Patrick and Honor Devine

Children of John Walsh and Bridget Walsh of Oranmore Parish, Co. Galway
-Thomas Walsh bap. 21 Nov 1842
Sponsor(s): Patrick Farrel and Bridget Tierny

-Margaret Walsh b. 14 Dec 1845; bap. 28 Dec 1845
Sponsor(s): Bridget Connell

-John Walsh bap. 29 Jun 1849
Sponsor(s): James Baley and Mary Ward

John Walsh & Bridget Walsh of Kilcummin Oughterard, County Galway
-Patrick Walsh bap. 24 Dec 1837
Sponsor(s): Samuel Maxwell & Mary Walsh

-Mary Walsh bap. 4 Feb 1845
Sponsor(s): Thomas Sullivan and Mary Rutledge

John Walsh & Bridget Fahy (cripple) of Kilcummin Oughterard, Co. Galway
-John Walsh bap. 14 Jun 1842
Sponsor(s): Martin McHoy and Mary Rall

John Walsh & Bridget Folan of Truskee West (Rahoon Parish, Co. Galway)
-unnamed Walsh bap. 11 Dec 1837 (Knockanacarragh)
Sponsor(s): Martin Folan & Honor Walsh

-Margaret Walsh bap. 1 Nov 1839 (res. Knockanacariagh)
Sponsor(s): Martin Folan and Honor Walsh

-Honor Walsh bap. 20 Oct 1846
Sponsor(s): Sabina Joyce

-Michael Walsh bap. 5 May 1850
Sponsor(s): Sabina Joyce

-Martin Walsh bap. 18 Sep 1853
Sponsor(s): Mary Hickey

John Walsh & Bridget Triston (Trisnane or Preston) of Palinee (Rahoon Parish, Co. Galway)
-Thomas Walsh bap. 19 Dec 1836
Sponsor(s): Mary Flaherty

-Owen Walsh bap. 1 Jul 1839
Sponsor(s): Patrick Preston & Bridget Kelly

-Mary Walsh bap 4 Sep 1842
Sponsor(s): Patrick Trisnane and Mary Flaherty

-John Walsh bap 1 Nov 1844
Sponsor(s): Patrick Triston & Mary Flaherty

John Walsh & Bridget Mullins of Parkavera (Rahoon Parish, Co. Galway)
-Michael Walsh bap. 17 Jul 1846
Sponsor(s): James Sweeney and Margaret Walsh

John Walsh and Bridget Kean of Liss, Parish Abbeyknockmoy, Co. Galway
-Anne Walsh, bap. 29 Apr 1846
Sponsor(s): Mary Kean

John Walsh and Bridget Joyce of Turlagh, Parish Rosmuc, Co. Galway
-Anne Walsh bap. 23 May 1846
Sponsor(s): Colman Conry and Catherine Thornton

-Honor Walsh bap. 6 Aug 1850
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh and Anna Walsh

-Colman Walsh bap. 26 Jun 1855
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh and Anna Walsh

John Walsh & Bridget Kilroy of Parish Woodford, Co. Galway
-Catherine Walsh bap. 12 Apr 1837
Sponsor(s): Patrick Conry & Margaret Conry

-Bridget Walsh bap. 5 Nov 1841
Sponsor(s): Patrick Banfield & Bridget Gleeson

John Walsh & Bridget Hennessy of Parish Woodford, Co. Galway
-John Walsh bap. 12 Mar 1838
Sponsor(s): Thomas Gaffy & Maria Hennessy

John Walsh & Bridget Duggan of Parish Moycullen, Co. Galway
-Bridget Walsh
Sponsor(s): Thomas Walsh & Catherine Melia

John Walsh & Bridget Colmer of Parish Donaghpatrick, Co. Galway
-Bartholomew Walsh bap. 26 Jun 1853
Sponsor(s): John Kane & Mary Kane

John Walsh & Bridget Hession of Tuam Parish, Co. Galway
-Mary Walsh bap. 24 Aug 1854
Sponsor(s): John G. King & Judith Noone

John Walsh & Bridget Dempsey of Killeenadeema Parish, Co. Galway
-Mary Walshe b. 3 May 1836; bap. 5 May 1836
Sponsor(s): Thomas Mitchell and Mary Connelly

Co. Mayo

John Walsh & Bridget Brennan of Balanamorogue, Parish Islandeady
-Patrick Walsh bap 7 Sep 1839
Sponsor(s): Patrick Brennan and Bridget Brennan

-Bridget Walsh bap. 11 May 1845
Sponsor(s): Thomas Walsh & Mary McGreal

John Walsh & Bridget Swords of Derychase, Parish Islandeady
-Ellen Walsh bap. 10 Feb 1846
Sponsor(s): Anthony Swords

John Walsh & Bridget Brannelly of Islandeady Parish
-Mary Walsh bap 15 Dec 1841
Sponsor(s): Mary Walsh

John Walsh & Bridget Flynn of Aglish Parish
-Thomas Walsh bap 20 Feb 1845
sponsors John Flynn and Bridget Walsh.

John Walsh & Bridget Ludden of Aglish Parish
-Michael Walsh b. 1 May 1841
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh

-Patrick Walsh bap. 16 Mar 1845
Sponsor(s): Michael Walsh & Winifred Lavell

-Catherine Walsh bap 10 May 1847
Sponsor(s): Anthony Walsh and Judith Walsh

John Walsh & Bridget Trembleton of Aglish Parish
-Michael Walsh bap 3 Sept 1844
Sponsor(s): James MacGuire and Catherine Fitzmorris

John Walsh & Bridget Jordan of Aglish Parish
-Mary Walsh BORN 2 Dec 1842
Sponsor(s): Anthony Walsh and Margaret Malley

John Walsh & Bridget Canton of Aglish Parish
-James Walsh bap. 16 Feb 1840
Sponsor(s): Mrs. Fahey

John Walsh & Bridget Carney of Aglish Parish
-Thomas Walsh b. 8 Nov 1838
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh & Mary Walsh

-Patrick Walsh bap 6 Nov 1840
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh and Mary Walsh

John Walsh & Bridget Jennings of Barradruma/Burrin, Aglish Parish
-Patrick Walsh bap 1 Jan 1854
Sponsor(s): Patrick Corcoran and Margaret Walsh

-Mary Walsh b. 13 Apr 1855; bap. 17 Apr 1855
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh and Honoria Jennings

John Walsh & Bridget Gannon of Elmhall, Balla Parish
-Catherine Walsh bap 25 Feb 1839
Sponsor(s): Redmond Walsh and Margaret Cannon

-Honor Walsh bap 1 Oct 1841
Sponsor(s): Michael and Bridget Walsh

-Edmond Walsh bap. 10 Sep 1844
Sponsor(s): Peter Joyce and Honor Gannon

John Walsh & Bridget McHugh of Lognamuck, Balla Parish
-Michael Walsh bap 25 Aug 1842
Sponsor(s): Thomas and Bridget Walsh

-James Walsh bap. 28 Sep 1844
Sponsor(s): James Walsh & Bridget Kavanaugh

-John Walsh bap. 16 Apr 1846
Sponsor(s): Patrick Ryan & Mary Ryan

-Anne Walsh bap 1 Jan 1852
Sponsor(s): James Keans and Mary Walsh

-Michael Walsh bap. 1 Apr 1855
Sponsor(s): David and Elizabeth Walsh

John Walsh & Bridget Kilgallen of Balla Parish
-Margaret Walsh bap 2 Mar 1844
Sponsor(s): James Corbet & Ellen Timond

-Michael Walsh bap 10 Jan 1847
Sponsor(s): James Killgalin and Celia Killgalin

John Walsh & Bridget Mally of Cuilaneellane (and Bohane), Burriscarra Parish
-Patrick Walsh bap. 10 Feb 1845
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh and Mary Mally

-Mary Walsh bap 10 Feb 1846
Sponsor(s): Owen Mally and Anne Mally

John Walsh & Bridget Gavin of Maumeens, Burriscarra Parish
-Catherine Walsh bap 14 Dec 1840
Sponsor(s): Thomas Brennan and Anne Gavin

John Walsh & Bridget Comons/Commins of Crossboyne & Tagheen RC Parish
-Michael Walsh bap 21 Aug 1836
Sponsor(s): James and Bridget Walsh

-James Walsh bap 9 Jan 1838
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh and Bridget Mury

-Mary Walsh bap. 11 Jul 1841
Sponsor(s): James Walsh and Mary Comons

-Thomas Walsh bap. 9 Aug 1844
Sponsor(s): James Walsh and Honor Muney

Maybe same parents as above (wife Bridget Cormican?)
-William Walsh bap 11 Apr 1847
Sponsor(s): Patrick and Mary Walsh

John Walsh & Bridget Walsh of Crossboyne & Tagheen
-James Walsh bap 5 Sep 1843
Sponsor(s): Patrick Sweeny and Mary Burke

John Walsh & Bridget Foye of Crossboyne & Tagheen Parish
-Margaret Walsh bap 2 Aug 1840
Sponsor(s): Mary Kivnan

John Walsh & Bridget Burke of Killenacough, Oughaval Parish
-John Walsh bap. 14 Sep 1846
Sponsor(s): Philip Heverin & Sally Casey

John Walsh & Bridget Walsh of Aughagower, Parish same
-Michael Walsh bap 30 Apr 1846
Sponsor(s): Michael Conway and Bridget Walsh

-Anne Walsh bap 27 Jul 1849
Sponsor(s): Michael Malley and Catherine Barret

John Walsh & Bridget Malley of Cushin, Aghagower Parish
-Anthony Walsh b. 20 Mar 1855
Sponsor(s): Anthony Malley and Bridget Cannon

John Walsh & Bridget no last name rec. of Glassvalley, Shrule Parish
-Martin Walsh bap 13 Nov 1846
Sponsor(s): Martin Heskin & Catherine Walsh

John Walsh & Bridget McHale of Bekan Parish
-Peter Walsh bap 6 Jan (1841?)
Sponsor(s): William and Ellenor Jordan

John Walsh & Bridget Henely of Cahernublan, Ballovey Parish
-Mary Walsh bap 2 Jun 1850
Sponsor(s): Patrick Walsh and Patrick Farragher

John Walsh & Bridget Bourke of Cloonboy, Kilcolman Parish
-Mary Walsh bap 1 Nov 1851
Sponsor(s): John Walsh and Ellen Clarke

-Bridget Walsh bap 26 Nov 1854
Sponsor(s): Michael Walsh and Bridget Keegan

John Walsh & Bridget Walsh of Cloonliffin, Ballinrobe Parish
-Thomas Walsh bap 22 Dec 1853
Sponsor(s): Pat Walsh and Honor O'Sullivan

John Walsh & Bridget McGrath of Cregmore, Kilmaine Parish
-Anne Walsh bap 18 Nov 1854
Sponsor(s): Patrick McGrath and Mary Conroy

John Walsh & Bridget Malley of Kilmaine Parish
-Bridget Walsh bap 26 Oct 1854
Sponsor(s): Edward and Mary Naughton

John Walsh & Bridget Walsh of Keelogues Parish
-Anne Walsh bap 27 Sep 1854
Sponsor(s): Michael Murphy and Winny Caufield

John Walsh & Bridget Hughes of Seechane, Kilfian Parish
-John Walsh b. 9 Apr 1835; bap. 12 Apr 1835
Sponsor(s): John Hughes and Mary Walsh

Co. Waterford

Judith Walsh bap. 18 Jul 1841 Newcastle Parish, Co. Waterford, parents John Walsh & Brigid Carew; sponsors Jeremiah Carew & Mary Carew.

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